Yes Entrepreneur Bangladesh ltd represents of group of company in Bangladesh working in industrial, textile, commercial and residential sectors especially in Ready Made Garments (RMG) sector since 2012. Our core functions are Preliminary Assessments for Electro-Mechanical, Information Technology and Telecommunication, industrial Automation, Biomedical Engineering, Electronics, Electrical and Fire Safety, Construction, Structural Integrity Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA), CAP Management, Green Building, Architectural, Plumbing, RCC & Steel structure ,Consultancy for new existing building or factories as well as designing of all related works. Import & Export of construction material, tools, all kind of Machinery and Equipment for all sector. Any other business which falls under above category Purpose: To be a leader in the engineering and consultancy by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability. To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers

Vision: Our mission is to provide complete range of engineering consultancy & Service at an optimum value to create a safe and sustainable working place. By serving you our best ability and ensuring safety standards, we will touch the livers of millons related o your business.

Core Values: We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation, Honesty, integrity and business functioning.

Goals: Regional expansion in the field of property management and develop a strong base of key customers. Increase the asets and investment of the company to support the development of services.

To build good reputation in the field of electrical, civil, archietecture, plumbing and become a key player In the industry and reputed field .

Yes Entrepreneur Bangladesh ltd

Serving you, saving millions

In YES Entrepreneur Bangladesh Ltd, we believe in our responsibilities towards the society we operate in. All our activities are therefore directed to the well being of the society in general. As part of the social commitment, the company sponsors news supplements on important social occasions. We also provide active cooperation and support to different organizations and professional institutions in their socio, Professional, cultural development programs. The Company helps to run many Schools in and around its production sites and Industrial Park. It is with a sense of great pride, Yes Group work to create a new entrepreneur on behalf of Young Engineers Society (Yes) with the slogan of "Do not get jobs, give jobs" as well as professional, experienced and young engineers in all branches. While we at YES Group strive to improve our performance and services, quality is one key area we have never compromised.

On the threshhold of 21st century, we view our goals with an open mind , innovativeness and set the highest standard for ourselves ; which I believe, our motivated staff with a strong social commitment and business acumen, will definitely achieve. I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to our customers, bankers, suppliers, government agencies, regulatory bodies and everyone with whom the company interacted in conducting its business. We are grateful to you, the shareholders, for extending at all times, your valuable support and cooperation to bring the company to the level it has reached today. The success we have achieved so far was only possible because of the collective efforts of all concerned.


Former HAGS,IEB, RPD, BMET, Ministry of Labor, 2003-05, AGM. SMEF, Ministry of Industries, 2006-08

Advisors to the Board

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Engr. Ainun Nishat

Former VC ,BARC University

Prof. Dr. Engr.M. Shamim Z.Bosunia, PEng

Past President , IEB

Dr. Md . Ali Afzal

Managing Director, Krishibid Group

Prof.Dr.Engr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Sarker

Past VC , JUST, Chairman, Krishibid Group

Prof.Dr. Engr. Md. Rezwan Khan

Vice Chancellor, United International University

Engr.Khandker Manjur Morshed

Honorary General Secretary (HGS),IEB

Prof. Dr.Engr. Md. Sabbir Mostafa Khan

Professor, BUET, (Ph.D. in Civil Engineering)

Engr. Md. Kamrul Islam

Proprietor,Textile Industry

Engr Shkaikh Al Amin


Engr Md Rezaul Islam

Vice Chairman

Engr Md. Shahabuddin

Maanaging Director

Engr Md. Akram Hossain

Finance Director

Engr Sayfullah Al-Mamun


Engr Md. Rafiqul Islam


Engr Md. Noor Islam James


Engr Kamruzzaman Rasel


Engr Mehedi Hasan


Engr Md. Nur Alam


Engr Ahamed Asif Akhtar Monzu


Engineer Md Jamshed Alam


Name: Engr Shkaikh Al Amin


Name: Engr Md Rezaul Islam

Vice Chairman

Name: Engr Md. Shahabuddin

Maanaging Director

Name: Engr Md. Akram Hossain

Finance Director

Name: Engr Sayfullah Al-Mamun


Name: Engr Md. Rafiqul Islam


Name: Engr Md. Noor Islam James


Name: Engr Kamruzzaman Rasel


Name: Engr Mehedi Hasan


Name: Engr Md. Nur Alam


Name: Engr Ahamed Asif Akhtar Monzu


Name: Engineer Md Jamshed Alam


Textiles YES Group is pioneer in Garments and Textile Textiles


YES Entrepreneur BD can collect procurement order from different Fashion House for Manufacturing different Dress Item to provide the best Product as well as service. We can produce top quality full WOVEN & KNITTED Dress Item for Men's, Women's, Boy's, Girl's & Kids such as- Basic Shirts,Trousers (Long & Shorts), Skirt,T- Shirt, Polo Shirt, Tank Top, Undergarments, Sleep Wear, Sports Wear etc. We can add that Our production team is highly experienced and dynamic in the Woven & Knit garments production and active enough to take necessary steps to change in production according to the instant comments of buyer.

Pharmaceuticals YES Group serves larger portion of Mechanical, Power and Energy Pharmaceuticals


YES Introduces large number of products in Mechanical, power, and electrical section to bring about revolution in this section in Bangladesh.

Ceramics We wanna to provide distinguished service in this sector. Ceramics


YES Group is a largest engineering unite in Bangladesh. Software Development Networking & IT Consultancy IT Solution & Technical Support Cyber Security & IoT Server Configuration Domain & hosting Networking Devices Hardware Solution Machinery & Equipment: 1. High Voltage Electrical Installation 2. High Voltage Cable installation 3. VEC Possess extensive Machinery and Equipment and Vehicles to facilitate 4. Soil Testing and Piling 5. Concreting 6. Transporation

Real Estate & Trading YES Group serves larger portion of Mechanical, Power and Energy Real Estate & Trading


Analysis of the Project/FAR Studies as per Dhaka Mohanogor Imarot Nirman Bidhimala 2008 and other relevant codes or Local Authority Requirements. 2. Preparation of Preliminary Architectural Design. 3. Preparation of Developed Architectural Design upon the approval of clients. 4. Preparation of relevant drawings for Land Use Clearance, Development Permit and Building Permit etc, from RAJUK or Local Authority. 5. Co-ordination with other service engineers (Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire-fighting, HVAC,IT etc 5. Preparation of Full set of Architectural Drawings a. All floor layouts b. Basement layouts & Parking plans c. Roof top layout d. All Elevations e. Number of sections f. Entry & boundary wall design g. Detail working drawings (Construction Drawings) 6. Preparation of 3D visuals . 7. Preparation of brochure. 8. Preparation of Interior Design. 9. Preparation of Landscape Design. 10. Preparation of BOQ & Cost Estimates 11. Site visit & supervision Electrical: 1.Electrical Design of the Project fulfilling the electrical requirements of the building, following 2.Local (BNBC) and International (BS) Standard and Codes, Code of Ethics of The IEB. 3. Top Supervision of Electrical works. B. Scope of Electrical Design Works 4. Study the Project and prepare a proposal for electrical facilities to be provided (if required) 5. Preparation of Electrical Fixtures and Conduit Layout Plan. 6. Preparation (provision only) of conduit layout plan for Telephone, Cable TV & Broadbandoutlets. 7. Preparation of Electrical Load Calculation. 5. Preparation and design of Electrical Circuit Diagram. 6. Preparation and design of Substation and Stand-by Power Supply System (D. G. Set). 7. Preparation and design of Lightning Protection Layout 8. Design of Out door Lighting in accordance with Landscape designed by the Architect. 9. Preparation of BOQ for Electrical items. 10. Preparation of Schedule & Specification for Substation .and Stand-by Generator. 11. Site visit for Top supervision 12. Preparation of Tender Document & Contract awarding. Plumbing: Internal Plumbing Drawings : a) Roof Drainage Plan b) Roof Water Supply Plan. c) Water Supply and Drainage Plan of floors d) Ground floor water supply and drainage plan showing Pipe lines e) Details of Centrifugal Pump and Motor. f) Isometric view of water delivery line with showing the diameter of pipe. g) Sectional Details of different fitting and fixture. 2 External Plumbing Drawings : a) Sewerage Disposal System Details b) Position and details of out fall c) Layout and details of Inspection Pit d) Details of Soil Pipes, Waste water pipe and Rain water down pipe connection. e) Details of Roof Top Tank f) Details of Underground Water Reservoir g) Enlarge plan of all Toilets/Kitchens. h) Details of Velocity Reducer of Rain, Waste Water and Soil pipes. i) Details of Septic Tank and Soak well (If required). 3 .Fire Fighting Works : a) Details of Fire Detection Works. b) Details of Fire Fighting Works. c) Details of Fire Pump and Jocky Pump. d) Details of Pipe Accessories.

EnergyWe wanna train Young and Professional Engineers to equip them well. Energy


Electrical & Electronics Specialization: • Highly qualified IT, structural, Civil , Fire , Electrical ,Textile Engineers. • Design section & Laboratories facilities. • Modern equipments for NDT/SDT test like Digital Ferro Scanner, Hilti core Cutter, UPV Machine, Rebound Hammer Machine, Digital Thermo graphic Scanner etc. • Social auditing and compliance • Working experience with various international organization. Scope Of Work : • Factory Load Manager • Structural Safety Assesment • Detail Engineering Assesment • Electrical Safety Assesment • Fire Safety Assesment • Compliance requierment for safety Issues • Social Compliance Auditing • Architectural & Structural design of R.C.C & Steel Structures. • Design of GREEN factories of LEED certified under USGBC. • Preliminary Assessment of Structural, Electrical, Fire safety. • Detail Engineering Assessment (DEA). • Fire prevention & protection system design. • Complete Electrical Solution for new & existing Building. • Corrective action plan (CAP) management for Structural integrity, Fire safety & Electrical safety assessment according to BNBC, RMGP Guideline, NFPA, Alliance & Accord standard.

Our Products

YES have enhanced number of products and services. We have below different Products and Engineering services 1. Trouble Shooting & Maintenance of Electrical Control System 2. Electrical Installation 3. Mechanical, Electrical Plant Erection Installation & Commissioning Automation by PLC 1. Fire Detection & Protection System 2. Boiler Control Panel 3. Water Pumps & Distribution Systems 4. Generator Controls 5. Packaging Machines 6. Textile Machinery 7. Pharmaceutical Machinery Sales and Marketing 1. Sub Station Equipment ( LT Panel, HT Switch Gear, etc. ) 2. LS Automation Products 3. LS Low/Medium & High Voltage Products 4. ABB Drivers, Lnstrument and Motors 5. Man & Machine Integration by PLC 6. Hyundai Low Volt Products 7. All Autonics Product

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Textile & Bank
ICT & Media

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